Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What to wear to your portrait session

One of the questions that I get asked most often is “what should I wear to my portrait session”?  There is truly no correct answer to this question because everyone has a unique style all their own, but I can give you some pointers that you will hopefully find helpful when deciding how to put together your look!

1.  Most importantly, wear what makes you feel awesome!!  Wear what you are comfortable in!  And, wear what says “ this is who I am! ” to the world… like what you might wear when trying to make an impactful first impression.  Think ‘first date’. 

2.  Try to avoid wearing anything that you would wear to your corporate job (unless that is truly what you feel most comfortable in) or anything that is too formal (unless you are specifically planning an evening wear shoot or something similar).  Being too formal or “corporate” can make you feel and look uncomfortable, stiff or too serious.  This will come across in your photos.

3.  Don’t forget about your shoes!  Shoes are very important and complete an outfit.  I suggest steering away from bulky athletic shoes or work boots and casual sandals, like flip flops (unless you are doing a beach session). 

4.  Whatever you do, don’t match one another!  In my opinion, matching one another in a photo, everyone wearing all white shirts, for example, can make you disappear in to one another.  This also takes away your individuality! 

5.  You don’t have to match, but you should go.  This goes for your overall look in comparison to others in a photograph.  In an engagement shoot, for example, it is best for a couple to dress similarly in style.  It would look really strange if one was in a suit and tie and the other in jeans and a t-shirt, or if one dressed modern casual and the other dressed in a 50’s rockabilly style.  I recommend deciding what kind of look you’d like to go for, at least a week prior to your session, and then work on pulling pieces that will help you to accomplish that look.

6. Don’t be afraid of color or pattern, but do try and break up solid colors with a belt, necklace or other accessory and if you wear a pattern on top, try and go solid on the bottom and vice versa.  To much pattern can be distracting.  And, the whole point of the session is to capture you and your fabulous personality!

7.  Accessories!  Belts, shoes, jewelry, cool hats, sunglasses… it’s all good :-)

8.  A session in the snow or cold weather can be really quite beautiful but can make choosing something to wear a bit challenging.  You need to stay warm and look great at the same time.  Try and choose outerwear pieces with color and / or personality.

9.  For children’s portraits I encourage anything fun that represents your unique child at this specific moment in time.  Costume pieces, such as capes, floppy hats, masks and big necklaces are always welcome and encouraged. 

10.  The best way to complete your look is with hair and / or make up and personal grooming.  DIY or, if you are able, hiring a pro is always the best way to go.  Sit back, relax and get your  hair and make up done prior to your big shoot.  Don’t forget the manicure!  Your hands will be visible in many photos.  Guys this goes for you as well… trim & clean those fingernails! 

Overall the most important thing is to be yourself, just a little bit of a polished version of who you are on an everyday basis.  Ultimately, the photo session is about your personality and not about the clothes you are wearing.  Just have fun and let that charisma out!

*The above is copyright of Keira Lemonis Photography*

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