Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014 - Our New Year's Day

Happy 2014!  
For the past couple of NYE's my husband, Sam, and I have celebrated quietly, at home.  We have a special dinner, get a bottle of champagne and are in bed (or dozing off on the couch) pretty much right around the time the the ball drops.  This shift from 'going out on the town' to staying in & staying cozy, took place with the birth of our daughter, Vivi, fourteen months ago.  Since we knew we'd be getting a good night sleep on NYE, we decided to celebrate the first day of the new year with a fun, family activity.  We took Vivi to one of my favorite area museums, Mass MoCA.  For those of you who have never been, I highly recommend it!  Vivi loved it!  She had a ball looking at all the colors, running lose through some of the exhibitions (the ones where it didn't appear that she could do much harm to anything) and most of all, just hanging with me and Sam, spending quality time as a family.  They even have a fun, little kid's area for older children!
It was a fabulous way to begin the new year :-)
I hope that you had the opportunity to celebrate the first day of the new year in any way that made you happy!
I don't really have a set resolution to speak of, but I do have some things I'd like to focus on this coming year.
1. Bring my pro camera on more personal outings!  As a photographer, people assume that I always have my pro camera with me where ever I go.  It's true that I often have it with me, but sometimes I just don't feel like carrying it (it is heavy!) and I find myself relying on taking Instagram photos... which I love, but of course, they do not give me options and quality that I am used to.  The post above is my first attempt at being more mindful of bringing my camera along.  I'd also love to share more personal work on my blog this year.
2.  Work on a project of my own.  I love, love, love taking photos for others!  Weddings, portraits.. I love it all.  However, I would be so happy to find the time to work on some personal projects this year.  I feel like personal projects get my creative juices flowing, which in return gives me more energy and inspiration when working with clients.  Personal work also allows me to experiment and grow as a photographer.
3.  This is more of a personal goal, rather than a professional one - try to be more healthy overall!  I know that many people share this goal with me.  - try and find more time for me - exercise regularly - eat healthier - reduce stress levels.
4.  Read more!

A new year always brings hope and endless possibilities of what may be. 
What are some of your goals this year?
Best Wishes in the new year!