Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emily & Brad's Baseball Stadium Wedding... Saturday

Emily & Brad's baseball stadium wedding, in Brockton MA, this past Saturday, was one of the most unique weddings I have ever been to. It was set along side a baseball field, amongst the stadium music, cheerleaders and screaming fans.... it definitely made for a fun and laid back atmosphere for their guests.... Some cool things from this wedding.... the bride's multi-colored, construction paper bouquet (the groom's boutonniere was also paper) ; the bride and groom's red and blue Chuck Taylors ; The bride threw the first pitch in the ROX game... catching that pitch was Bill Murray (this was a huge surprise to the bride and groom as well as everyone at the stadium) ; The food was ball park themed, hamburgers, hot dogs & cracker jacks....
Anyway this wedding was so unique and so much fun! I posted just some of the photos I liked.. there are so many more!


cmo82 said...

Hi Keira

I am writing to you because next summer my fiance and I are having our wedding/reception at a baseball stadium. We are trying to locate couples who did the same thing so we can ask what they did. I noticed you photographed a couple who has gotten married recently at a stadium. If not too much trouble is it possible for you to pass along their contact info. if it is okay with them.



PS Beautiful Pictures!

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